The Newest Type of Long-Term Care Insurance in Minnesota

Many people require a nursing facility, assisted living arrangements, or home-related services as they age. Long-term care insurance is designed to protect individuals and families from enormous expenses as a result of a prolonged illness or disability of a family member. No matter how old you are now, don’t put off planning for your later years. Start thinking of your family’s financial future today. If you are looking for a well-reputed partner who can help you cover your potential long-term care costs, Capital Retention, Inc. is at your service. We are one of the top-rated insurance companies that has representatives in various locations nationwide (except New York) providing long-term care insurance in Minnesota. With our focus on the asset-based approach and ongoing customer service, you can leave behind your worries and concerns regarding jeopardizing your assets which you have saved for your retirement.    

Leave a Decent Inheritance Not Bills

In the state of Minnesota, we provide hybrid long-term care insurance that comes with asset-based premium plans and coordinated care service benefits. Unlike traditional LTC insurance, a hybrid option works just like an investment program. The hybrid policies we offer allow policyholders to:
  • Get their money back whenever they want
  • Utilize the full scale of LTC services, including nursing home care
  • Protect their insurance premiums from increasing
  • Build up a cash value with each payment
  • Leave a financial legacy for their heirs if LTC insurance is never triggered
With our hybrid long-term care solution, you can live a long and fulfilling life with the confidence of having a fully paid-up policy with LTC benefits, including a death benefit and cash value, at the end of the term. Residents of Minnesota can also utilize long-term care insurance with an inflation protection option.    

Asset-Based Plan and Premium Payment Options

Capital Retention, Inc. offers an asset-based premium plan to utilize your assets in the best possible way. This means that you can take some of your underperforming assets that are in your bank account and buy the insurance policy through them. Thus, they start registering some growth and provide you with LTC protection. More importantly, your premiums never increase. Our clients can select the preferred premium mode to meet their estate’s cash flow requirements. Apart from the asset-based single premium solution, we deliver a multi-pay plan so that your premium payments will be spread over a specific period of time, without you breaking your budget. If you can’t pay the full amount on the spot, the program allows you to fund it over a 5, 7 or 10-year period. Transferring your assets into a hybrid LTC contract keeps your estate intact. Give us a call and let us discuss if this is the right choice for you.

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