What is Hybrid LTC Insurance?

Hybrid long-term care insurance means that unlike traditional LTC plans, the premiums you pay are always available for you to withdraw if needed — like a bank account with elite healthcare benefits. If you need the premium you’ve paid, before you need long term care, it’s there for you. Of course, withdrawing your premiums will cancel your LTC plan. If you never have a need for long-term care, and have not withdrawn your premiums, your heirs will receive more than the total you’ve paid in, tax-free. Your policy benefits are guaranteed, can never decrease in value, except by the amount of benefits you use. That would seem like a given, but not so with traditional long-term care plans. Their rates go up and if you cannot afford to pay more, they will offer to reduce your benefits – who does that help?

Benefits of a Hybrid LTC Insurance Plan:

  • Liquid assets—you can withdraw your premiums if needed—like a bank account.
  • Flexible premium payment options—Asset Based, 1035 Exchange (cash life insurance transfer), or Multi-Pay Plan.
  • Guaranteed benefits and premiums.
  • Covers all your LTC needs, whether you require in home, nursing home, or assisted living care.
  • Available nationwide—if you decide to move closer to your grandchildren, you’re still covered.

Hybrid plans are one of the most flexible options for Louisiana long-term care insurance; contact the caring professionals at Capital Retention for guidance in choosing the best plan for you.

Options to Begin Your Hybrid LTC Insurance

If your estate has any poor performing assets, the Asset-Based Premium Plan for long-term care insurance in Louisiana may be for you. Capital Retention can move those assets to a hybrid long-term care contract, where they will become 3-8 times more valuable from the first day (multiplier based on your age at the time of policy issuance).

A 1035 Exchange is also available if your estate has grown such that your cash life insurance policy is no longer needed. You may also divide your payments over a longer span of 5, 7, or 10 years to better meet your current obligations, while planning wisely for your future.

All these options will keep your estate, your retirement assets, and your children’s inheritance from being overwhelmed by the need for long-term care. You want to leave a legacy for your children, not excessive care debts. Contact Capital Retention for more information on long-term care insurance rates in Louisiana.

Is Hybrid LTC Insurance Right for You?

If you are looking for trustworthy long-term care insurance companies in Louisiana, contact Capital Retention for access to our A+ rated partners. Not only will every cent of your premiums remain available to you, but we will work with you as you unravel the family, financial, legal, medical, and social threads of preparing for your future. Our professionals can assist in analyzing the average cost of long term care insurance in Louisiana, to find the best plan for your situation.

Capital Retention also has a Stay in Place Option

Would you like to age at home and enjoy your independence? Do you have family caregivers that may be able to care for you, how about friends living nearby? Capital Retention offers another insurer’s plan that provides a cash benefit to family or friend caregivers. Since paying for care at home can be half the price of nursing home care, your benefits will last twice as long too. This plan is also a state Partnership-Qualified plan and the State of Louisiana requires a 1-5% inflation protection rider to help keep your benefit dollars on pace with inflation. We are here to tell you all about the options and riders available, and how they impact your premium. Plans with so many options make it easy to fit you with just the right program for you needs and at the price you are comfortable with.

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