Kentucky’s Long-Term Care Situation

Did you know there is a 70% chance that you will need some type of long-term care once you reach age 65? Yet most adults have not started the conversation about long-term care because they believe that Medicare or Medicaid covers long-term care insurance in Kentucky (It doesn’t). Medicare only covers short term events, and Medicaid requires you to spend down most of your assets before you are eligible. Instead of panicking about expenses and decisions when the time comes, you can start planning for you and your family’s long-term care and financial future today. That 70% number is not going to change, its only getting closer to costing you your hard-earned assets. You can only qualify for a long-term care policy while you are healthy, so please don’t delay any longer.    

The Estate Solution from Capital Retention

Not all long-term care insurance companies selling policies in Kentucky are equal. Capital Retention represents the best and most well-known long-term care insurance companies in the nation, and features game-changing hybrid LTC insurance. Our plan for estates, focuses on the asset-based approach to cover most potential long-term care costs, while protecting your assets, keeping them liquid and providing benefits beyond just LTC, like return of premium and a death benefit. Capital Retention will show you how to shift under-performing assets to a one-time LTC insurance premium, that will provide you with 3 to 8 times the asset value on day one of your policy. Add a compound interest inflation rider, never pay another premium, and have the peace of mind, knowing your long-term care planning will now protect your assets.    

The Middle America Solution from Capital Retention

We recognize that not everyone in Kentucky has an estate to protect, but many families want to pass significant assets to the next generation. If that is your goal, but you do not have the liquid assets available for our one-premium policy, you should consider our flex-pay products. Here is a sample plan, of course you will need to qualify and apply to find the best product/price mix for your unique situation:
 Pool of Money  $100,000
 Elimination Period  90 Days
 Monthly Benefit  $4000
 Inflation Rider  3%
 Cash Benefit  100%
 Death Benefit     Yes, tax free
 Guaranteed Rates  Yes

Annual Premium:

 Age 45  $1186
 Age 50  $1487
 Age 55  $1791
 Age 60  $2340
 Age 65     $2891
  These rates are based on a single, female, with preferred non-tobacco discount. This plan would allow you to take a cash benefit to pay family caregivers, while you age in place, at home. Many people in Kentucky are looking for more affordable solutions for long-term care, rather than expensive nursing homes. By staying at home (what we all want), you can pay your family or friends to help you with caregiving, while extending the length of your benefits. Capital Retention is here to answer all of your questions and help you get fitted with the best policy that makes sense for you. Give us a call to start the planning process, you will be relieved to know that finding a good policy for your situation is not that difficult.

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