Pay, Lock and Grow Your Protection with Long-Term Care Insurance

A Premier Single-Premium plan is a fixed premium universal life insurance policy with long-term care benefits from one of our national, A+ rated insurance company partners. The big news here, is these plans feature new benefits, not available only a few years ago. Family estates need no longer to settle for “use it or lose it,” when it comes to long-term care insurance in Illinois.

Combining Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefits

Universal life insurance policies are commonplace now, but adding a suite of long-term care benefits, provides a perfect blend of death and elder care benefits for family estates. Failure to consider the rising expenses of long-term care in Illinois is a common problem here and across the country, but people are starting to take notice. With a private room in a nursing nearing the $100,000 per year threshold, people are looking for answers. CPAs and financial planners are now routinely recommending asset protection for long-term care expenses of family estate clients. A Premier Single Premium solution has the following benefits:
  • Guaranteed rates and benefits
  • Single premium or 5,7 or ten annual payments
  • Tax-free death benefit to heirs, minus any long-term care benefits used
  • Cash indemnity option to compensate family members for in-home care
  • Asset reposition of under-performing investments to pay premium in one shot
  • Nation-wide portability to move closer to loved ones
  • Concierge-level care coordination eliminates confusion and stress
  • 3-8 times asset multiplier in care benefits – day 1 – depends upon age at issue date
  • Investment stays liquid and policy is refundable if you ever change your mind (less any benefits claimed)
Illinois residents now have a host of long-term care insurance options and Capital Retention is standing by, to help you customize a plan for your estate’s unique needs.

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