About 70% of people will need long-term care insurance once they reach the age of 65. As people age, their health deteriorates, and they start to develop illnesses, disabilities or other conditions that need daily oversight. The cost of long-term services and support, such as assisted living arrangements, nursing homes, and residential care facilities, can be quite expensive. If you take the proper steps, you can make sure that you and your family gets the long-term care that they need. The last thing you want to panic about when your family needs help is where the money will come from. There’s no need to sweat while looking up long-term care insurance rates in California or wondering how the numbers will ever work out. Capital Retention’s hybrid LTC is the ultimate solution that will help cover your long-term care costs affordably and flexibly. We only offer plans from the most respected, well-known, innovative insurer’s in the country. We serve all of California, and every other state except New York. We have single-payment plans for the very wealthy that protect your heir’s inheritance. You may choose our age-at-home plans for middle income families, that allow cash benefits to family caregivers.    

Wealth or Health? Why Not Both?

Capital Retention, Inc. provides a hybrid approach to healthcare that works as reliable insurance as well as a wealth-protecting investment. Our asset-based premium plan helps you grow and protect your assets. Traditional policies offered by other long-term care insurance companies in California fail to keep pace with long-term care expenses. Our hybrid policies keep up with the increasing assisted living and nursing facilities rates in California. With our estate hybrid LTC insurance, you’ll enjoy:
  •     100% of your premium returned if you cancel your policy
  •     Flexible access to premium dollars, allowing you to withdraw any amount at any time
  •     Income tax-free death benefit for your estate
  •     Guaranteed interest to help your policy grow
You can live a long and relaxing life, knowing that you’ll be taken care of financially and physically. With Capital Retention’s hybrid LTC benefits, you’ll have no concerns about your future.    

Flexible Payment Options

We offer different payment options that you can take advantage of. You can pay your lifetime premium in one shot with the asset-based premium plan. This plan moves your stagnant, under-performing assets to a single-pay premium that will multiply those assets 300-800% on your first day, based on your age at issue. We also have a multi-pay plan that allows you to spread your premiums over 5, 7, or 10 annual payments, instead of contributing a lump sum to the asset-based single premium solution. This means more flexibility and less strain on your budget.    

Care Coordination Benefit

Transitioning to long-term care can be an extremely stressful and difficult time. Care coordination is the process of establishing a plan for care, arranging for the benefits, and helping manage the required resources needed in California. All of your healthcare, financial, legal and family needs will be taken care by our insurer’s third-party Concierge-Level Care Management Support. Professional advisors will be on your side to aid your family in coordination and decision making during difficult times. It is also available nationwide if you wish to move closer to loved ones.

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