Long term care insurance in Arkansas is more crucial than ever, since 70% of us will eventually need it, the costs are much more than most of us realize, and it is not covered by Medicare. The federal government is also now requiring state Medicaid programs to seek reimbursement from certain beneficiaries with assets at death, as well as various trusts.

Is Hybrid LTC Insurance Right for You?

If you are looking for trustworthy long-term care insurance companies in Arkansas, contact Capital Retention. We partner with the most innovative, recognized national leaders in LTC insurance. Our partner insurers are all A.M. Best A+ rated and have been covering families like yours for 50+ years. Not only will every cent of your premium remain available to you, but these plans include concierge level Care Coordination Benefits to assist you with family, financial, and care logistics to assist you in your long-term care needs. Our professionals help in comparing the cost of long term care insurance in Arkansas, to find the best plan for your situation. Give us a call today, and we will fit you with a hybrid plan that protects your estate and your family’s needs.

What is Hybrid LTC Insurance?

Older traditional long-term care insurance plans have big problems, you either use the care benefits, or your premiums paid in are lost to the insurance company – just like insuring a home or auto. Rising traditional long-term care insurance rates in Arkansas are the other huge problem. The new hybrid senior care insurance in Arkansas addresses these issue in three ways. First, your premiums stay liquid and you can get all your money back if you ever change your mind, or need the cash back. Secondly, if you would die without ever requiring long-term care, your heirs receive 100% of the premiums you paid, in the form of a tax-free death benefit. Finally, the hybrid LTC plans we recommend for estates have guaranteed benefits and premiums.

Benefits of Hybrid LTC Insurance Plans in Arkansas:

  • Liquid assets—you can withdraw your premiums if needed—they stay liquid, like a bank account
  • Flexible payment options—Asset-based reposition of assets you already own, 1035 Exchange (cash value life insurance transfer), or a Multi-Pay Plan of 5, 7 or 10 annual payments
  • Guaranteed benefits and guaranteed premiums that never go up
  • Immediate value boost of 3-8X what you pay in, depending on your age at contract issue
  • Covers all your LTC needs, whether you require in-home, nursing home, or assisted living care

Hybrid plans are one of the most flexible options for Arkansas long term care insurance; contact the caring professionals at Capital Retention for guidance in choosing the best plan for you.

Options to Begin Your Hybrid LTC Insurance

If your estate has any poor-performing assets, such as a bank CD, or grain in storage, the Asset-Based Premium Plan for long term care insurance in Arkansas can help. Capital Retention will show you how to reposition those assets you already own, into a single premium payment. The assets you transfer are then worth 3-8 times your single-premium amount, in long-term care benefits, from the first day of your policy. The 3-8X multiplier is based on your age at the time of policy issuance.

You may also divide your premium over a longer span of 5, 7, or 10 years of annual payments, to better meet your current cash flow, while planning wisely for your future.

All these options will keep your estate, your spouse’s retirement assets, and your children’s inheritance from being overwhelmed by long term care costs. You want to leave a legacy for your children, not excessive long-term care debts. Contact Capital Retention for more information on long term care insurance rates in Arkansas.

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