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    What is the Medicaid Look Back Period?


    What is the Biggest Problem with Traditional LTC Policies?


    How Does Asset-Based & Hybrid LTC Coverage Work?


    What is the Coordinated Care Service Benefit?


    Do We Have to Pay a Single Premium of $60-$100K?


    What are the Options to Fund Long-Term Care?


    Our Children Will Take Care of Us, Right?


    How Will LTC Effect Our Retirement Income?


    Can’t We Simply Spend Down Our Assets to Qualify for Medicaid?

Hybrid LTC Insurance Questions – the Fine Print

Premier Single-Premium long-term care insurance plans are subject to underwriting and approval of the application. No medical exam is required, but a Medical Information Bureau (MIB) and prescription report will be ordered, and a Personal History Interview and Cognitive Assessment will be performed via telephone as part of the underwriting process.

The long-term care insurance plans described on this website are for informational and marketing purposes only and do not represent your policy. All details specific to your policy are described in your contract, which will be reviewed with you by a licensed agent at delivery of the contract and are subject to underwriting results.

Policy benefits are reduced by any policy loans, withdrawals or Terminal Illness Benefit paid under the policy. Death Proceeds and Return of Premium Benefit will be reduced when long-term care benefits are taken.

Discounted premiums for policyowners who are married or in a state-sanctioned civil union or domestic partnership, do not require the purchase of the policy by both parties. The Couples Discount is not available in certain states. In states where the couples discount is not available, individuals may be eligible for a Household Discount based on their existing living arrangements.

The policy marketed on this website requires a larger up-front premium than traditional long-term care insurance. However, if your goal is to retain control of your assets while protecting against the financial impact of long-term care costs on your retirement savings, a Premier Single-Premium policy can help you do more.

Nationwide Protection for Your Estate (except NY)

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An Agent Will Deliver Your Policy

Once your long-term care insurance application has been approved a licensed long-term care insurance agent will personally deliver your policy anywhere in the United States, except no policies are issued in the State of New York. Your LTC agent will go over your policy to make sure you understand the contract and provide you with instructions and laminated contact cards. We are always ready to talk, if you ever have questions or when you are ready to start long-term care benefits, as outlined in your policy.