The healing power of 3-year-olds is being harnessed in one of the UK’s largest elderly care homes to reduce loneliness and keep people mobile, happy and living longer.

Chicago Tribune

‘You can’t be lonely and be a healthy person.’ How seniors can combat isolation – Chicago Tribune. Kathy Seguin is an older adult – she really dislikes labels such as senior citizen and elder orphan – who was a prime candidate for the kind of….

Journal of Accountancy

Here is a great article from a heavily credentialed CPA, that clears up 5 common misconceptions about long-term care. The author also outlines a six-step blueprint for exploring all of the solutions to your estate’s looming long-term care problem. Accident or disease is not the exclusive domain of the elderly… takes an insightful look at estate planning in this informative article. Here is a great quote from the story: “The first thing to consider is whether there will be an estate at all, because of the cost of long-term care. You can wipe out an entire estate in just a few years of long-term care.”

Forbes covers the John Hancock federal contract for traditional LTC insurance. The article explains options for the approximately 274,000 current and retired federal workers, whom now face an 83% premium increase.

Time’s online version of Money Magazine

This article in Money does a good job of explaining the failures of traditional LTC insurance, while some insurance executives try to explain away their product’s shortcomings. Genworth’s CEO describes traditional LTC insurance issues as, “a ridiculous business model.”
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