These plans are from top-tier, A+ rated insurance companies, brands you know and trust.

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Long-Term Care Plans – Executive Overview

A Message From Our President

Don Heyne, founder of Capital Retention has personally written policies totaling more than $1 Billion. Don is also a Life & Qualifying Member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

Capital Retention partners with A.M. Best, A+ rated, nationally known and respected insurance companies. Capital Retention has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and serves every state in America, except New York. We coordinate a local agent visit to your home, if you prefer, or we will provide you with an on-line application.

Thank you for considering using my company, for your long-term care needs. You will be well taken care of, you have the best policies in America to choose from, and you will appreciate our plans even more, when your claims begin and our A+ Rated companies are as strong as ever.

Hybrid Solution to Your Long-Term Care Needs

Capital Retention has you covered with new hybrid long-term care insurance solutions. Traditional long-term care insurance plans are a use it, or lose it proposition. If you never need long-term care benefits with traditional plans, your premium dollars are wasted. Hybrid long-term care insurance is a combination of the traditional plan benefits and a life insurance benefit. The result is a product that provides you both long-term care insurance and the added comfort of a death benefit for your family estate – no matter if you need long-term care or not, you get your premium dollars back.

For the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Rates

At Capital Retention we look at the total value of long-term care insurance, not just the best long-term care insurance rates. There is a big difference. For instance, most people assume that the least expensive policy for the same coverage is the best value. Then they find out their premiums are increasing multiple times, at double digit percentages. All the sudden, that cheap policy is painfully expensive.

Now you are faced with continuing to pay way more than you planned for, or dropping your coverage at a huge loss. Some of these long-term care insurance companies will offer to keep your premiums where they were, in exchange for reducing your benefits. Isn’t that why you bought the policy in the first place – to get the benefits you originally planned for?

Seek the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Value for Your Money

You can see why Capital Retention only teams up with the best long-term care insurance companies in America. Our long-term care insurance partners have been around for decades, have superior financial stability, the best insurance company ratings and are brands you know and trust. For example, the Premier Single-Premium policy that we market is guaranteed to never have a premium increase. In fact, the value of your premium investment will grow 3-8 times* in long-term care benefits, on the first day of your policy.

Add to that, your cost of long-term care insurance premium dollars will always stay liquid. That’s right, if you ever change your mind, you can close your account and get all your invested premiums back – just like a bank account. We hope you can now see that long-term care insurance cost is about total value, not just the best long-term care insurance rates on any given day.

Benefits of Premier Care Long-Term Care Insurance

Guaranteed premiums

Flexible payment options

Guaranteed benefits

Premiums stay liquid

Immediate LTC value boost of 3-8X*

Cash indemnity option

Available in all states except New York

Concierge level LTC coordination services

Portable to another state if moving closer to loved ones

Pay with underperforming assets you already own

Capital Retention’s caring, professional staff