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Long-Term Care Insurance Plans – Executive Overview

A Message From Our President

Greetings, my name is Don Heyne, founder of Capital Retention. Thank you for vising us. We designed our website to give you facts and testimony about two different long-term care products.

The Flex-Plan Advantage option is the more affordable option, and can be customized to fit most budgets. An exclusive benefit provides a cash option to pay a family or friend caregiver, for your care a home.

The Premier Single-Premium option is designed for those individuals that have assets available to reposition into a one and done premium contract, with 100% guaranteed liquidity from day one – just like a bank account.

My wife and I purchased our long-term care policies, so our retirement savings were not exhausted by long-term care expenses. The thought of one of us left with nothing to live on was not an acceptable risk for us. Our long-term care policies are an important part of our financial plan, and we look forward to discussing your needs and financial planning as well.

Two Solutions to Your Long-Term Care Needs

The new Flex-Plan Advantage is long-term care insurance for seniors, with super affordable premiums, cash benefits to pay family caregivers, and has an excellent Care Coordination Service to assist insureds. This plan has flexible benefit options for Home Health Care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Nursing Home and Hospice Care services. It is important to mention that Alzheimer’s and Dementia are both covered. Click the $200 premium option above to read all about this affordable long-term care insurance for seniors.

The Premier Single-Premium guarantees that 100% of your initial premium stays liquid and accessible, from day one through contract surrender (less any loans, or paid benefits). Pay a one-time average premium of $90,000 by repositioning an existing asset, or make annual premiums payments. Your investment multiplies 3 to 8 times in long-term care benefits on day one, depending on your age at issue. This program has an extensive care coordination, multiple modes of care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia services, and has a generous death benefit, if you never use the long-term care insurance benefits. Click the $90,000 one-time premium box above, to learn more about this hybrid (ltc) long-term insurance.

For the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Rates

At Capital Retention we look at the total value of long-term care insurance, not just the lowest long-term care insurance rates. There is a big difference. We consider premium costs, policy benefit options, financial ratings of companies, history of premium increases and the number of years each company has been marketing long-term care insurance contracts. We chose the best two plans for you to consider.

Surveys reveal that potential applicants want long-term care benefits with an emphasis on Home Health Care services, that allow a person to stay at home longer and provide cash benefits that can be used to pay a family caregiver. A second must-have benefit was Assisted Living care, for peace of mind for both seniors and family members.

At Capital Retention, we believe the premium is irrelevant, if the insurance company is not highly rated, financially strong and able to provide the best long-term care insurance benefits that are most important to you, today and 30 years from now.

For the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Value for Your Money

Capital Retention only teams up with the best long-term care insurance companies in America. Our long-term care insurance partners have been around for decades, have superior financial stability and Insurance Company brands you know and trust.

Most all long-term care contracts require a Certified Home Health Care Provider to provide services for home care benefits. This is simply not practical for many rural families, or for those that have family members willing to be a care provider for their parents. Most long-term care begins at home, and our long-term care insurance companies provide the cash for family home care, to assisted living, nursing home care, to hospice care. They have options for every step of your last years, and even have a return of premium, if you never draw your long-term care benefits, or take loans on your policy.

Our LTC insurance providers have been writing insurance coverage for well over 130 years, and have financial ratings of A+ from the national financial rating company AM Best.

Benefits of Premier Care Long-Term Care Insurance

Guaranteed premiums

Flexible payment options

Guaranteed benefits

Premiums stay liquid

Immediate LTC value boost of 3-8X*

Cash indemnity option

Available in all states except New York

Concierge level LTC coordination services

Portable to another state if moving closer to loved ones

Pay with underperforming assets you already own

Capital Retention’s caring, professional staff